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Shining Light

in the Inland Northwest

Sunshine Club works through the sport of golf to positively impact our region, particularly women and children in need.

Our Vision

At Sunshine Club, we believe in the transformative power of sport and community. We strive to harness the passion and camaraderie of golf to generate vital support for women and children in need.

Through organizing golf events, tournaments, and community engagements, we aim to raise awareness and funds for programs that empower, educate, and assist women and children in overcoming challenges and achieving their full potential. We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and support within the golf community, making every stroke a step towards a brighter future for those in need.

Our Events

Kalispel Championships - Kalispel Golf and Country Club - Spokane, WA

May 9, 2024 – Kalispel Championships

Kalispel Golf and Country Club (Spokane, WA)

The premier high school golf tournament featuring the regions best girls and boys players, regardless of division or classification. (Approximately 180 golfers)

Ready to help us shine some light?